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Of Myths & Men Podcast


“Candid conversations for men, by men, and about men’s issues through the arts, music, games, and films.”

      Podcasts by Therapists & Co-hosts:  Jon A. Parker, LPC & Dr. Daniel P. David

Welcome to the World of Myths, Men, and Resolving Men's Issues!



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Do you know if your psychological growth has been stunted by your mother? Join Dr. Daniel P. David and Jon A. Parker, LPC as they discuss how boys become men despite their mother's best attempt to keep them under their wings. Every young man has to grow and go, listen in as the dynamic duo discuss how this should happen. The fellas also share three ways in which men can develop a healthy self image. Join Jon and Dr. David as they once again blend pop culture and psychology together, as only they can!  As always, please send us feedback at

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Co-hosts & Men's Therapists:

Kendrick, Kdot, Mr. Lamar, no matter what you call him, his lyrical eloquence demands attention. On this episode, Jon and Dr. David take a look into Kendrick's life while they examine depression, survivors guilt, community development, mentorship and much more! Imagine one minute you are touring the U.S., the next you are coming back home to step off your tourbus into a funeral of a friend. This is what life is like for Kendrick. Heavy stuff ahead...  (Atlanta Men's Counseling)

Dr. Daniel P. David Atlanta Men's Therapist

Episode 1 The Father Wound  ~ Kylo Ren and Han Solo

Highlighting the Star Wars The Force Awakens scene between Kylo Ren and Han Solo, therapists Jon Parker, LPC and Dr. Daniel P. David discuss the "father wound" within the father-son relationship. Join the discussion around this awesome movie and real-life issues that men face within themselves and their relationships with their fathers. (Atlanta Men's Counseling)

How do myths through art, music, and films speak to men's hearts and minds today?


1. "Myths are not false stories or lies, such as when we talk about certain things being "a myth" or like looking for myth busters.


2. Myths and mythologies were meaningful narrations that helped to explain how the world works. These narrations are found in art, music, poetry, folklore,  films, stories, etc. 


3. Myths speak to the deeper parts of our human experience and inner reality.


4. Myths resonate with the archetypes, the blueprints that are foundational structures to our common transpersonal and transcultural psychology and perceptions of the world. 


4. Myths include stories, songs, art, and symbols that describe what happens in our psyches, and the way in which our psychological energies shape our perceptions about the world around us.


5. Myths are projections of our inner dynamic onto the outer world. 


6. Myths help us to deal with thoughts, feelings, dreams, desires, and deep psychological sense of being by using metaphors to help describe and make sense of these things."

Episode 2 From Coward to Courage ~  FN-2187 to Finn!  Male Initiation from Boy-to-Man.


Star Wars The Force Awakens highlights the coward to heroism development of Finn. This time, it is FN-2187 who is a coward running away from the First Order by helping a Resistance fighter and Hero, Poe Dameron, escape.  Finn's story parallels men's daily lives as men struggle to find their identities as men and their struggle to overcome personal fears and self-limitations.  Join therapists Jon Parker, LPC and Dr. Daniel P. David for a lively discussion about how man can begin the initiation process of manhood. (Atlanta Men's Counseling Center)

The Hero's Journey ~  "Not every boy grows up to be a man!" Exploring a man's development, therapists Jon Parker, LPC and Dr. Daniel P. David highlight the major stages of men's development: Separation, Initiation, and Return and the importance of male initiation from boyhood to manhood. This lively podcast brings in movies scenes from the greats like the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars as well as comic book characters like the Black Panther, Spiderman, etc. Atlanta Men's Counseling.  The Hero's Journey Homework PDF  

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 Atlanta Men's Counseling & Life Coaching Center

Counseling, Therapy & Life Coaching designed just for Men!
​A free 15-minute consultation! 


Daniel P. David, Ph.D., LCSW ~ Therapist

2342 Perimeter Park Drive, 2nd Floor

Atlanta, GA 30341


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