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Of Myths & Men Co-hosts


Jon A. Parker, MAMFT, LPC believes that men have needs, wants, and desires that ARE unique and gender specific. In our modern era, men are being told to be less like themselves and to tone down what testosterone produces. This unfortunate occurrence is guiding men into a role that strips them of their male identity.  Jon wants to help men embark on their Hero’s Journey in a way that promotes self-discovery without sacrificing their individuality.


Jon has worked with child-aged, adolescent, young adult, and mature men in various aspects, in both his personal and professional life. From mentoring, public speaking, and job creation, he has dedicated his life’s work to ensuring that men are lifted up mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. He wants men to understand that their self-worth is not solely tied to their ability to drag women back to their cave. Rather one’s self-worth should be inclusive of their ability to be creative, to help others, to show compassion, and so on.


Jon is a father, a husband, and a brother. It is his hope that men will progress to a place where love is greater than war, that expression of emotions will expand beyond anger and suppression via substance abuse, and where tears are seen as a strength and not a weakness.

Daniel P. David, Ph.D., LCSW believes that all men deserve to be heard, understood, and valued, especially in our modern society which tends to invalidate men in so many ways and minimize their struggles. His mission is to empower men to become more compassionate, accepting, validating, and empathic toward themselves and others. 


After leaving his short career as a young man in the corporate world of Wall Street, he decided to follow his heart which led him to spend 20 years working with adolescent and young adult men caught up in NYC street gangs. Over the years, he built a nonprofit organization that helped young gang members leave behind their street lives to become productive adult men with families and careers. He served as a gang specialist for two major high schools in Queens, NY and was recognized for his work by the New York City Mayor's office, NY State Governor, and local community leaders. After leaving gang work, he earned his MSW at the New York State University at Stony Brook and then completed his postgraduate training in psychodynamic psychotherapy at the University of Oxford (England). He then achieved his doctorate in clinical social work with a focus on resilience psychology.


Dr. David now works with men of all ages and walks of life from businessmen, professionals, entertainers to 20-something young adult men. He is concerned with the phenomenon of "male shaming," which has become popular in today's culture and media with shaming soundbites like "Man Up!" or "Be a man!" He emphasizes that contrary to pop psychology and social engineers, masculinity is not a pathology or condition to be cured. Men are not always angry and aggressive. Men are not inherently bad. "Hurt men, hurt others," and therefore, Dr. David works with men to help them heal their emotional wounds from the inside out. 


He is also a proud father. 



Disclaimer: All information on this website and presented in our podcasts are strictly for entertainment and educational purposes. No portion of this website or podcasts is intended for purposes of diagnosing a mental health condition or a substitute for seeking professional help. If you need professional help immediately, call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room. Otherwise, see a professional in your area. You can search your area by using your zip code on

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